Who qualifies for CHC?

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Who qualifies for CHC?

You will be automatically enrolled in CHC if you are age 21 or older and

  • Get both Medicare and Medicaid, or
  • Get LTSS in the Attendant Care, Independence, COMMCARE, or Aging waivers, or
  • Get LTSS in the OBRA waiver and qualify clinically for a nursing facility, or
  • Get care in a nursing home paid for by Medicaid

You do not qualify for CHC if you:

  • Get LTSS in the OBRA waiver and do not qualify clinically for a nursing facility level of care; or
  • Have an intellectual or developmental disability and get services through the Department of Human Services Office of Developmental Programs, or
  • Live in a state-operated nursing facility, including the state veterans’ homes

LIFE Program

If you are in a Living Independence for the Elderly (LIFE) program, you can stay in LIFE. You will not be placed in the CHC program unless you ask to change.

If you are enrolled in CHC and want to be in LIFE instead, you can apply to LIFE to find out if you qualify. To qualify for LIFE, you must:

  • Be age 55 or older
  • Meet the level of care needs for a skilled nursing facility or a special rehabilitation facility
  • Meet your local County Assistance Office financial requirements or be able to pay on your own
  • Live in an area served by a LIFE provider
  • Have a LIFE provider decide you can be served safely in the community

To find a LIFE provider near you visit the LIFE program website.